My childhood and later history
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Growing up in the college town of Pullman, Washington. Kind of naive and in the safe cocoon of a small town, but near a major university, I was exposed to ideas and people from all over the world. One fond memory from those early years was open house science fairs at the WSU campus. Touring the labs and so forth.

The church I grew up in was liberal and is now considered "open and affirming" to LGBTQ. During my childhood, LGBTQ was hardly ever discussed, however. I guess it was still under the radar. Also I was in my own world much of the time. I was fairly oblivious to peer group gossip.

My senior year in high school was the first year in a brand new and somewhat experimental building. They called the system of education "the trust system" at least since my sophomore year with the new principal, but it was still in the old building which is still standing today. It's now called Gladish Community Center.

While things on the outside were pretty good, I did still have some emotional problems as a child.

This album looks back over images related to my childhood.
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