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Can the naked bike ride adapt to a COVID-19 shutdown, go online world? As I looked in 1994 in spandex. | by theslowlane
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Can the naked bike ride adapt to a COVID-19 shutdown, go online world? As I looked in 1994 in spandex.

Looks like the 2020 shuttering of events will stop World Naked Bike Rides as well. So many events, concerts, conferences, games and so forth have had to be cancelled. This puts more gatherings online that weren't online before.


The good news is that being online makes participation in various events more accessible in places that didn't have such events before. For instance, the Heart Circle discussions of the Radical Faeries. One can now partake in these discussions without having to; for instance, travel to Portland, OR. where there is a large faerie presence.


Can this transition apply to the naked bike ride?


It turns out that much of the ride experience is already online. Pictures of riders from around the world are extremely popular on various photo and video sharing sites. Some things within "adult content."


By far, this is probably the way most people experience the rides anyway; as part of the vast audience for these images. The images and videos play 24/7 all year round while the rides usually only happen once per year.


Could naked riders share images and videos of themselves on the net and sprinkle some political comment into the mix?


Maybe images from past years as being nude in public spaces, without being part of an event, is legally hazardous. At least in this area (Bellingham, WA. USA), police only tolerate public nudity when it's part of the event. Away from an event and scattered out into public space is still prohibited, from what I gather. Private space; another matter.


Sharing images on the net is a way to gain an audience for one's ideas; especially if the ideas are there also. Probably more popular than just posting a written blog entry on environmental issues.


There are thousands and thousands of pictures of naked and partially naked cyclists on the net, but not much connection between the images and the causes. It would be good if something could bridge that gap.


One wonders who are the cyclists in the pictures? What does each person have to say? It would be nice to have writing from the cyclists with the pictures, rather than just the pictures by themselves, taken from afar with zoom lenses.


One can use old pictures of themselves from past rides, for instance, rather than risking riding in public by themselves. One need not be totally nude. The rides have always been a mixture for various levels of dress.


Seems like the ride, itself, is like the tip of the iceberg while the online viewers are the iceberg, itself. Eroticism seems to be the main thing that draws eyes to these images. Might as well use that interest to share a message.


It does seem like quite a few of the riders don't like having their rides associated with anything erotic. A missed opportunity.


In so many aspects of life, eroticism is used as a marketing tool. It's used to sell cars, weight loss diets and so forth. Why not use this for promoting bicycling?


It isn't all about eroticism, of course, but that is a big motivator. A large factor in the online audience; including, admittedly, my own web surfing.


Health should be sexy, but eroticism is often just relegated to less healthy endeavors; heavy drinking, for instance.


Lots of connections can be made that aren't usually made in this culture. Bicycling promotes health which can make dancing more enjoyable. Dancing can be seen as a fun form of fitness, versus just a tedious workout routine.


More people riding bikes means less fossil fuel consumption. Conversations about these topics can be interesting, but even more popular with photos.


I don't know if this type of idea will be what people around the world will want to do, but it's a thought.

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Uploaded on May 19, 2020