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Kelly Garbato

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Defensive Omnivore Bingo

Defensive Omnivore Bingo was conceived by Brian VanderVeen (aka Hoveringdog) and posted on the original PPK forums (all I have is the broken link, sorry!). You can find an artsier version here. Just for reference, I initially blogged about the card here.

Plain-text versions of all the bingo cards in this set - in some cases, with links to refutations and debunkings - are available here.

Vegan Butterfly

It's too easy!
71 months ago

The Cassandra Project

it's pathetic, and i've had every single one of these said to me on multiple occasions over the last few years
71 months ago

Kelly Garbato

You know, I was creating a text version of this card for those who can't view images, and also researching and linking to a debunking of each myth - and I think I came up with enough additional comments to make at least one more card. Trolls are nothing if not predictable!
71 months ago

BadSeedBlackHeart [deleted] said:

I love this and printed it out. Im so bringing it to the next family thingie. I plan on yelling "bingo" really loud, too when I win.
71 months ago

Scott DeathBoy

That's fantastic! But it does miss out mentioning that Hitler was a vegetarian. Too easy possibly?
70 months ago

Kelly Garbato

@ Scott - Obvious, maybe, but I included in it my version of the card!: /
70 months ago

Matt Jenkins

this is great : )
69 months ago

BadSeedBlackHeart [deleted] said:

Greg Chiasson you are an animal, how about you get roasted and eaten?
61 months ago

Kelly Garbato

@ Jennie - I blocked the self-described "complete tool," so his comments have been disappeared by Flickr. I have zero tolerance for trolling on paid accounts.
61 months ago

Ed 1971

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
55 months ago


Bingo! ;-p
54 months ago


I like the third one in the first column. As one of the reddit comments states:

"For something that attests to the judgmental nature of an omni, this is quite judgmental."
53 months ago


This is the best.
51 months ago

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