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Steubenville, OH protest

Reason for the protest: school_rape_case_...

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Roni's Photostream

  • #365feministselfie - Day 89 - Feminist dinner in NYC. #PhotoGrid by roniweb
  • Audry has been making #Chuy2015 signs for the northeast office. I got to help her install these two new ones! by roniweb
  • Another packed house at the #Chuy2015 northeast office! #PhotoGrid by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 88 - Rain or shine for #Chuy2015! #50th4Chuy by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 87 - Another day calling Chicagoans for #Chuy2015. Not home is still winning this race. But I did talk to some excited voters. by roniweb
  • The #Chuy2015 office is hopping! Come join the party. by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 86 - It's been a good day. Hope yours was too! by roniweb
  • #Chuy2015 by roniweb