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Steubenville, OH protest

Reason for the protest: school_rape_case_...

Screen capture from

Roni's Photostream

  • #365feministselfie - Day 186 - The first of two ferries today! Vancouver to Victoria to Port Angeles. And i saw one whale too. by roniweb
  • The pancake won. #ElbowRoom #Mmmm by roniweb
  • More action shots for #wwc2015. #USWNT #SheBelieves by roniweb
  • That moment @abbywambach comes into the game then @carlilloyd gives her the captain badge.... We cry. #wwc2015 #SheBelieves by roniweb
  • #wwc2015 glitter bombs! You can see 2 players doing glitter angels at @ussoccer_wnt. #SheBelieves by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 185 - Champs. 3 stars. #SheBelieves #USWNT #wwc2015 by roniweb
  • Then @abbywambach took a victory/thank you lap. Thanks for being a bad ass, Abby. #wwc2015 #USWNT #SheBelieves by roniweb
  • Vice President Biden stopped by the match! Dr. Biden was there too but didn't get a pic. by roniweb