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Steubenville, OH protest

Reason for the protest: school_rape_case_...

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Roni's Photostream

  • #365feministselfie - Day 58 - Cereal for dinner. At 10 pm. Cause I'm the mom. by roniweb
  • The cover of this week's Chicago Reader. #Chuy2015 #viva by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 57 - Not a winter wonderland. by roniweb
  • Chicago at dusk. by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 56 - Day after our 2nd place win, I completed my campaign button collection with the #Chuy2015 pride button! At least i think I have them all... by roniweb
  • My #Chuy2015 campaign office buds, aka bosses. Gonna see a lot of them over the next six weeks. by roniweb
  • #Chuy2015 victory party! by roniweb
  • #Chuy2015! by roniweb