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Steubenville, OH protest

Reason for the protest: school_rape_case_...

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Roni's Photostream

  • #365feministselfie - Day 216 - Working late. by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 215 - Softball selfie! We played a double header & won both. I had a couple of good hits too. Missed a throw home though. by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 214 - Ella is off for a week of soccer camp. I'm in our backyard eating dinner.  #mamavacay by roniweb
  • You're never too old to say hi to Scooby-Doo! by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 213 - It's not a trip to Great America without me winning some Wonder Woman stuff. #swish by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 212 - It's  Frida-y! by roniweb
  • #365feministselfie - Day 211 - Derby class kicked my butt tonight. Loved it. by roniweb
  • Day 210 - New #uswnt tee that i believe also represents #365feministselfie. "Strong alone, unstoppable together" by roniweb