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Joey Rozier

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Neapolitan Milkshake

Or, indeed.

Bored one day, I was browsing the web and came across In-N-Out's secret menu (via presta's I'd known about the existence of the "secret" menu, but never bothered to find out all of the details.

Reading that page, though, I was inspired. I got a craving--and once I get a craving for a particular food it's hard for me to think of anything else (though my brief detour to the 100x100 burger caused the craving to wane a bit). For some reason, the animal style burger sounded particularly tempting; the thought of a touch of mustard grilled into the burger had my mouth watering even though I'm not a big fan of mustard.

So, today, on my way home, I stopped by. I decided to get a Double Double, animal style with grilled sliced onions and one slice of cheese. (I didn't even know I could get grilled sliced onions before reading the page.) The guy taking the order was a little bit thrown off, but we got it straightened out.

Driving up, I debated whether or not I should get the Neapolitan shake I had seen on that page. Normally at In-N-Out I skip the drink and fries, figuring the burger is unhealthy enough. But I felt like living on the edge--and besides, I had a frozen vegetarian meal for lunch, right?

Their Neapolitan shakes aren't just the three flavors blended together; they're actually swirled together (as you can sort of see here).

I'm feeling a little bit nauseous now from all of the food. But boy, it was good going down. :)

(And, we won't tell Benson about this little trip, either.)


There's nothing like health food.
ages ago

Angelo Mercado

“Health, health, health, dahling!”—Edina Monsoon
ages ago


I want to see them whip out the box for a 100x100 like they get orders for it every day...

I'm confused, though, because I thought the naming system was burgers x buns; I guess it's burgers x cheese? (The 100x100 doesn't seem to have 100 buns; but that would make your double-double order a double-single??)

I used to order grilled onions on my grilled cheese sandwiches, but it seems to take them forever.
ages ago

Joey Rozier

Oh yeah, very healthy... I was almost happy when Wally wouldn't return the ball today so I'd have to walk to go get it. :) Though I have to admit, I only had half the shake... I'm a little bit ashamed of the fact I couldn't finish it.

You may be confusing the double double with the Big Mac; the Double Double only has the one bun with two patties and two slices of cheese. Though, yeah, I guess technically I got a 2x1 instead of a Double Double (or a 2x2, which is sort of like calling water "hydrogen hydroxide").

See the 2x4 on the secret menu page, which is 2 burgers and 4 slices of cheese.

Tangentially, this reminds me of a story of how a guy I knew was criticized for thinking that a 2x4 was 2 inches by 4 inches, when it is actually 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. I didn't know that either, but I remained silent.
ages ago

Angelo Mercado

In my youth, I used to get two Double Doubles, with one fries and Coke. Left no prisoners. Nowadays, I’m happy with one Double Double (human style, fresh sliced onions), with fries (regular), and Coke. Occasionally, an extra cheeseburger.
ages ago


Dang, if I were on a quiz show, I would have got that wrong about the 2 x 4. I don't know why I thought they were 1.75 x 3.75. But every website I just looked at confirms: 1½ x 3½.
ages ago


This definitely clears up a mathematical mystery that has always haunted me (how burgers and buns could always remain in a 1:1 ratio)

I had no specific knowledge of the mechanics of either a big mac or a double double, so can easily see how I may be conflating the two...
ages ago

Steve McFarland

And links make the world go round! I love that you found that through my, and yes: run with the secret menu all the way to the gym!

Interesting that the person that you ordered from was having trouble - normally they ring in secret menu stuff without skipping a beat - maybe it was because you really wanted "a two by one animal style, please." It's okay; you'll learn. :-) Personally, I've always enjoyed "protein style," though you do miss the buns. I have friends who swear - swear - by animal style fries, but looking at them has always made me nauseous.

As for In-n-Out: I miss it so. That 100x100 article actually stirred up a longing for everyone's favorite west coast burger joint, a longing I was unable to satiate here in The City. I also am a firm believer in the milkshake - always get a combo and switch out a milkshake for the soda. It's the real deal.
ages ago

Joey Rozier

I'm definitely impressed, sauvagenoble... I don't even think in my youth I could have gone for two Double Doubles, much less the extra cheeseburger. But who knows? I wasn't exposed to In-N-Out until after college; maybe I too could have reached those heights if I'd begun training early enough.

y entonces, don't feel bad... I had to google the actual measurements myself before posting here. I thought it was 1.75x3.75 too (after finding out they weren't really 2x4); maybe they've changed it on us. :)

atomicity, the Big Mac has an extra bun between the two patties. I wonder if In-N-Out would do this if asked? I think it actually does add something...

And, presta, it was probably my ineptness that threw him off, though he claimed "there's a problem with my computer." Maybe that's just his way of making me feel better. :) I think the 100x100 page dampened my craving mostly because of the uncooked burgers at the end. Ewww...

I'm partly surprised you didn't say "You went to In-N-Out and took a picture of the milkshake? Come on..."
ages ago

Steve McFarland

mrjoro, please choose one:

a. A witty retort, sir. Are you proud of yourself?
b. Aww! Baby's first comment!
ages ago

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