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Bicycle Tire Air Volume (Endomorph)

A comparison for five relatively common wheel sizes. The tyre volume was computed as the volume of a torus (donut) shape. V = 2*pi^2*R*r^2 = (2*pi*R)(pi*r^2).
So tyre volume increases linearly relative to wheel size and is proportional to the square of the tyre diameter. So for instance a 700c x 39mm tyre will have roughly the same air volume of a 650Bx40mm tyre. Also a 26x2.3" tyre will only have 91% the air volume of a 29er 2.3" tyre. One of these charts includes the 3.7" wide Surly Endomorph which you can see has almost 2.5 times the air volume of commonly available mountain bike tires.

Other Chart is here 53/

New Moonlander Tire added here 23/

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