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Elliott Feldman

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The Oliphaunt

Built for the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on Mocpages.

I didn't really intend for this beast to be so big, but I guess it just kind of happened. I'm pretty sure it's right around minifig scale.

Width: ~25 studs
Length: ~75 studs
Height: ~65 studs

This was a real challenge for me and definitely got me out of my comfort zone....

Edit: Forgot to mention, but the Oliphant has a built-in mini fridge and a few other things. Check it out on Mocpages.


Holy cow! To think you've not done Lord of the Rings work before the MELO, and now you're building some of the best stuff I've seen. Incredible Oliphant, the sheer scale alone is impressive, yet the detailing is top notch. Absolutely phenomenal.
19 months ago

This photo was invited and added to the THE BRICK TIME group.


Now this is awesome! Great work here.
19 months ago


Wow! Amazing job!
19 months ago

Elliott Feldman

LukeClarenceVan Yeah, now all I need is some better photo equipment! Hopefully soon. :P
19 months ago

Jared If only I...

Wow, nice!
19 months ago


Elliott Feldman *Whispers* Go to Nikon... ;)
Thinking of getting a DSLR?
19 months ago

Elliott Feldman

LukeClarenceVan While a nice camera would be great, it's a little out of my budget. I'm focusing really on getting better lighting/backgrounds.
19 months ago

Jack M.

This is incredible! The environment is very well done, and it's the sheer scale of the Oliphaunt that tops it off!
19 months ago


It still only counts as one!
19 months ago


I'll join in the wows and say "Wow, that's insanely cool! I've always wanted to build a minifig-scale Oliphaunt, this is sweet!"
19 months ago

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