Burning Man 2015
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Burning Man 2015 photos by Tristan Savatier (email me!)

This year, like the 2 previous years, I traveled to and from BM by motorbike, carrying all my gear, tent and food needed for the week in the desert (except my bicycle that got ferried by a friend). I even managed to carry almost enough water for the whole week.

I did not join the Burning Man "Documentation Team" this year, because I vastly prefer shooting the art and people that I find inspiring, rather than be assigned to shoot a particular area of Black Rock City, or performance.

Technical note: I shot virtually all my 2015 photos using only one lens, a 10-20mm wide angle lens (equiv. to 15-30mm with the crop factor), mounted on a Sony A65 (25 mega-pixel). I managed to keep the camera and lens completely protected from the dust by keeping them in a sealed zip-lock bag, with a cut hole tapped to the lens. I shot less than 1000 exposures, and selected the 200 or so best ones.

Hi-resolutions photos with no watermark are available for editorial use (contact me).

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