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PIC: What exactly did @AAJA Natl Prez @pcheung630 say to our gala keynote speaker @AnnCurry?! #AAJA13

2013 AAJA National Convention
New York, NY

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

@jozjozjoz's Photostream

  • PIC: Not much time to take many pix this trip, but here's a shot of the geese outside my hotel in Lansing by @jozjozjoz
  • Screenshot: Text msgs btwn me & @TheOtherYoshi, who is at a group dinner w/ our friend Alyssa by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Dinner in Lansing. Or how to gain 10 lbs in one night. by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: The clouds somewhere over Michigan by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Happy 30th Anniversary to my Uncle Tom & Auntie Ellen! Beautiful celebration for 130+ ppl at their home today! by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Congrats Steering Cmte! #V3con 2015 big success! Proud of U! THANK YOU for the gift of letting me ATTEND @V3con! by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: I did it! #RandallPark + @jozjozjoz... 3x in 1 wk! 1 for each Joz! (Bonus @aliwong3000!) #V3con #V3Convo by @jozjozjoz
  • @jozjozjoz: PIC: Happy 100th birthday to #V3con 2013 honoree @GraceLeeBoggs. The honor was ours that she shared her wisdom w/ us! by @jozjozjoz