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PIC: What exactly did @AAJA Natl Prez @pcheung630 say to our gala keynote speaker @AnnCurry?! #AAJA13

2013 AAJA National Convention
New York, NY

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

@jozjozjoz's Photostream

  • July 31 is #FranklinDay! Celebrating Franklin's first appearance in the world of Peanuts! by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Marquee at @s_m_playhouse is ready for Opening Night for #AlwaysPatsyCline #MyDayInLA by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: First look #AlwaysPatsyCline at @s_m_playhouse #MyDayInLA by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: First look #AlwaysPatsyCline at @s_m_playhouse #MyDayInLA by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: VIP fun! @jozjozjoz at #missionimpossible #gorogue screening. Thx @TCL_USA, red carpet treatment! #MissionTCL by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: @jozjozjoz & @kenchoy ready for #missionimpossible #gorogue Thx @TCL_USA #MissionTCL by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC of my TV: Watching @TroutNetGuy27 on @FOXsports #TroutNetGuy by @jozjozjoz
  • Screenshot: Best text message that received today, from @GoJunko. #LOL by @jozjozjoz