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PIC: What exactly did @AAJA Natl Prez @pcheung630 say to our gala keynote speaker @AnnCurry?! #AAJA13

2013 AAJA National Convention
New York, NY

Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for typos!

@jozjozjoz's Photostream

  • PIC: Happy 41st Anniversary, Mom & Dad. (Miss you, Dad.) by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Randall Park of @FreshOffABC & @TheInterview + @jozjozjoz of @8Asians at lunch! #FreshOffTheBoat by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Not my neatest work but I was rushing. Spam musubi for #FreshOffTheBoat & #FreshOffTheShow watch party! by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: In-studio at #FreshOffTheShow along w @Jeopardy champ Arthur Chu! @arthur_affect #FreshOffTheBoat by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Woman w small child sitting outside my side door, having a loud argument on the phone #NeighborhoodDorama by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: @dinoray & @jozjozjoz at Opening Night of Arthur Miller's #ThePrice at @GTGLA. by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Here's the broken ugly brown couch on my lawn + bonus garbage on top #NeighborhoodDorama by @jozjozjoz
  • PIC: Opening Night of #WasherDryerEWP! @EWPlayers by @jozjozjoz