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Boston Marathon Bombing

12:13:21pm April 15th

Tom Patteson

Quite possible the perpetrator is in there somewhere.
Amazing sequence of shots.
28 months ago

Aaron "tango" Tang

yes, please, if you see any oddities in the crowd, from this before pics or of the many i took which were right where it took place, please let people know. I just took the pics, but am bad at analyzing the photos for evidence... hence posting it all. please share! This has to be solved!
28 months ago


Any way you can add exif data to pics so we can see time stamps for accurate sequencing?
28 months ago

Aaron "tango" Tang

@corbinafly the exif data is on the pics with time stamps under "ACTIONS/More EXIF info" though i realized after the shots the camera am/pm were flipped, otherwise the times were correct.
28 months ago


upper left 3 mideast guys next to the police officer. Middle guy is Saudi guy in hospital, but no evidence of connection to bombing. hospital/
28 months ago


The man in the baggy white sweatshirt from the bombing photos is in this photo too...standing in the same spot he will be in hours from now. Not watching the race at all, intact in all your pictures he never is
28 months ago

Tom Patteson

Do you mean the one with the dark grey cap, above horizontal center and to the right of vertical center behind female with long blonde hair?
28 months ago

Jeremy Joslin

Peep the guy at the top middle left of the photo, he's bald and wearing a red shirt with an olive drab jacket over top. He looks to be wearing a backpack of sort with a yellow jacket(?) in his left hand.

Now look at this photo: 42/sizes/k/in/pho...

Do you see him? He's in the middle left towards the bottom, except this time.. NO BACKPACK, or so it appears. In what sequence were these two photos taken? I assume they're in order. In that case, he dropped his bag.
28 months ago

mac mccarthy

Please compare the tall dark-haired guy in the bottom, with blue jacket. Look at his backpack, and notice the stripes. Now look at the evidence of the backpack believed to be used holding one of the bombs: 2013/Apr/17/LiveL...
28 months ago


Yes, blue jacket guy. That's the guy 4chan pointed out.
28 months ago

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