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Bre Pettis

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30 Ways to Shock Yourself

Here are 30 illustrations from the book Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern. These diagrams outline causes of electrical accidents

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Tanner Christensen

Why is she attempting to milk a lamp?
83 months ago

Count Spatula

Never attempt to regain your balance by gripping a hot lightbulb.
83 months ago


ah yes, the old "take your shoes off - grab lamp - step in puddle - look at what your doing so you get it right" trick ... Romanian gypsies always fall for that one.
83 months ago


wishiwasanotter -

LOL crying lol
83 months ago


I don't buy this one... she looks like the type that would have gotten out of the gene pool in her childhood.
83 months ago

Kevin Leroux

Zombie domestics. Is there no end to the laughs they provide?
83 months ago

Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse

She is probably turning the light on or off.
Back then many lights had no switch or the switch (like today) was far away from where you needed the light.
83 months ago


Don't you know this?
Back in the day there were what were called 'scrub women'.
They earned the family living by doing scrubbing work.
And they couldn't afford more than one pair of shoes per family.
If the husband is at work, or the kids in school, she had none to wear when she was doing her scrub work.
And she needed more light to make sure she was getting those shirts white as could be. (Even the blue ones.)
And as we all know in the early '30's insulating a lamp, plug or socket was out of the question as we needed the insulation for the tanks for the war efforts.
82 months ago


LOL @ Wishiwasanotter!

I thought it was Joe DiMaggio in drag.
82 months ago

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