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Paul Caputo

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Flowchart: What Baseball Team Should I Root For?

A flowchart that helps newcomers to baseball choose a team. Created by Paul Caputo for Interpretation By Design. Visit us at Follow IBD on Facebook - - and Twitter - @ibdblog. IBD is a blog I write with Shea Lewis about graphic design and heritage interpretation.

Paul Caputo

This thing went crazy viral on us and crashed the Interpretation By Design website. So now it's here.
56 months ago


Sorry about that! My baseball-quilting swap group started it & when I put the link on fb.......
56 months ago


Congrats on the viral meme -- don't you wish you could predict and tap into such things ahead of time?

Great chart :)
56 months ago

William Fiala

HELL-ARIOUS! Well done.
56 months ago


I'm surprised the "watching baseball until training camp" option doesn't also link to the Pirates.

Also, Doesn't the "Country ruining" joke work better for the Giants instead of the A's?
56 months ago

Sandy Malloy

No, that would be "too damn cold." In July.
56 months ago

Mike Woodfin

This is Great
53 months ago


well very nice picture dear. Keep it up,
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47 months ago

Some Person3

I'm a Giants fan and guess what, thats what I ended up with!?
45 months ago

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