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Miranda Z

1 Fave

Ghoulia at the flea market

I pick her up at one of the shops. She then decided to venture into the store that was selling comics and action figures :)

Jake Putnam

Wow, a hard to find one too - From the Gloom Beach 5 pack, that's an awesome find! What City is this?
26 months ago

Miranda Z

I was super excited to find her. She wasa score at 10$ She didn't have her purse or sunglasses. Plus she has a spot on her forehead that looks like a bruise but I can live with that I live in San Antonio down in south Texas. I have found quite a few MH dolls at the flea markets none as complete as her though
26 months ago


Miranda what a great find she is awesome!!!
26 months ago

Miranda Z

Thank up I am so glad I didn't pass her up :)
26 months ago

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